Autocad 2D/3D Engineering Designs

. Introduction to AutoCAD 2D
. discussing AutoCAD screen Component
. the behavior of AutoCAD UCS (user co-ordinate system)
. Types of lines in AutoCAD
. Tools in AutoCAD 2D and Design center
. Applying AutoCAD 2D tools to different drawing
. Architectural Drawing
. Creating a template and converting CAD to PDF
. Printing 2D drawing in A3 paper
. Introduction to AutoCAD 3D
. discussing tools in AutoCAD 3D
. Applying AutoCAD 3D tools to different drawing
. Controlling Rendering quality in AutoCAD 3D drawing
. Animation in our 3D drawing
. Controlling the UCS
. Printing 3D drawing in A3 paper
* Advanced 3D Practice Drawings.

Course Fee & Duration

Duration:   2-3 Weeks          (Regular Mon - Fri)

                         10 Saturdays      (Weekends Only)

Sessions:  Morning: 9am - 12pm, Afternoon: 1pm - 4pm, Evening: 5pm - 7pm (Mon - Fri)

         Weekends 10am - 4pm (Saturdays only)

Tuition  Fees: 

N15,000Architectural Designs

N15,000 Electrical Projections

N20,000 Mechanical Modelling

N35,000 Full Package (All Engineering Designs)

Registration N500, Manual N1,500

Training methodology includes Instructor Led Lectures and Practical Demonstrations, Self Practices with Practicals Loaded Training Manuals. The training is 100% practical.

Who Can Study This Course

AutoCAD is a computer-aided design software program used by professionals in fields such as


interior design,

civil engineering,

mechanics and



AutoCAD is the most widely used computer-aided design (CAD) software for producing architectural, engineering and construction drawings? How can it benefit you? Here are some reasons to consider learning the computer-aided drafting software program used for creating blueprints for buildings, bridges and computer chips.

 Acquire a Craft
The opportunity to use a CAD application is a craft that can serve you well in the future. In fact, you may have some hobbies that AutoCAD will correspond with. These hobbies may include 3D printing, furniture design and building miniature architectural pieces.

Understand the Interface of Design Tools
Possessing technical know-how of a CAD software application instills you with knowledge for life. AutoCAD has become the premier software used in 2D drawing/3D modeling and all other CAD software applications are modeled after its interface. As a result, knowing AutoCAD’s interface will give you some insight into using any other CAD application.

Boost Your Portfolio
In today’s highly competitive job market, you will need to distinguish yourself to get ahead of the competition. In the field of architecture, engineering, construction and project management, an understanding of computer aided design will definitely give you an edge.

Secure Freelance Work
There will be multiple ways to earn money with the knowledge of computer aided design. With this knowledge, you can write 2D drawings and 3D modeling to carry out simple designs when the need arises.

This course is designed for entry-level CAD operators who work with engineers. It will teach the core topics required for preparing professional drawings using AutoCAD. The class benefits individuals in the engineering, construction and architecture industries. In the Intermediate course, you will learn how to use zoom commands, external references, QuickCalc, and dimensioning tools for a more complete and advanced drawing. The Advanced course will prepare you to publish and use collaboration tools while managing layers and learning to use the right tools for optimal performance. Additionally, you will complete a hands-on project that can be used in your professional portfolio.

Payment & Registration Guidelines

Payment Methods:

  • Pay in cash at any of our offices
  • Make cash transfer using the following bank details then send your name, purpose of payment and amount paid to 08036343045 through sms or whatsapp for confirmation:

Account Number: 2032542013

Account Name: Compu-Klick Infotech Enterprises

Banker: First Bank Nigeria

Course fee is fixed and non negotiable

Registration form = N500,   School ID = N1000 (optional)

Completed Form to be submitted with 1 recent passport or passport uploaded in the case of online application.

Course Materials: Flash drive and handouts available at the admin office at current prices.

Mode of Payment:

One off payment for Courses of N15,000 and below, 2 Installments of at least 50% initial payment and balance after a month for advance courses.

Payments not refundable

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